Digital Strategy for Social Impact

Social impact organizations can have trouble keeping up with rapidly changing digital communications tools — especially because there is an overwhelming number of them and scarce resources to stay on top of trends.

With a few tips and tricks and a comprehensive strategy, you can master powerful tools to help you reach your mission.

Bold Digital Strategies

We’ll start by developing a singular, achievable campaign objective and a plan that doesn’t collect dust but keeps your team focused on campaign goals.

We’ll explore tactics ranging from email marketing to SMS campaigns and digital ads to creating bots and weave them all together. We will test messages and strategies, and keep an eye on the data to tell us when a tactic is working and when to adjust and iterate.

You will walk away with an analysis of the steps we took during the campaign and documentation to ensure you can replicate success in all the communications work you do.

Customized Trainings

Training and coaching your communications staff on topics from storytelling to online message testing to best practices for running a digital ads campaign will help them understand how to reach and engage the audience most critical to your mission.

Together, we will uncover how to reach new audiences, deepen your relationship with the supporters you already have, and cultivate existing leaders to expand your impact.

A discovery period will result in a customized training and coaching plan that ensures communications staff master how to leverage digital communications tools to create lasting change.

Data-Driven Content

The easiest way to learn about key audiences is to ask questions of the data you already have. We’ll look at what you have and optimize the way you collect data to strengthen your targeted communications powers.

We’ll maximize online tools to create marketing personas and help you switch up the tone and voice of your communications to resonate with your target audience.

Experiments and A/B tests will inform the creation of impactful video content, bold and meaningful stories, rapid iteration message testing, and transform your existing content — all amounting to more and more engaging, data-informed content for all of your communications work.