About Katie Hewitt

Katie is a communications and advocacy professional executing bold campaigns by integrating online and offline strategies. Over her 18-year career, she’s empowered candidates, NGOs, nonprofits, grassroots advocates, and coalitions to reach their goals — especially the ones that seem impossible. She firmly believes that when we bridge the digital gap for social good, we can make meaningful change.

About Katie

For 18 years, Katie has innovated tech strategies and tactics for social change.

As a political consultant in 2007, she organized a live online town hall for a congressional candidate in partnership with prominent bloggers.

As a grassroots organizing manager, she initiated advanced email engagement strategies for Washington State’s largest health care advocacy program.

And as a social media trainer and strategist, she innovated a way to present webinars in countries with little internet connectivity by integrating Facebook Lives with video conferencing tools.

She’s worked for large organizations like the Gates Foundation and the Centers for Disease Control, candidate and issue campaigns up and down the ballot, local nonprofits in developing countries, and advocacy organizations in Washington State and across the US.

When Katie joined ActionSprout, I was impressed with her enthusiasm, communication skills and ability to learn quickly. She excelled in training and coaching non-profit and NGO staff from large organizations like UNICEF to local nonprofits around the globe on how to leverage social media to advance their causes.

Drew Bernard, Co-Founder of UpSwell

I met Katie when we were involved in building an advocacy training program and campaign, and I had the pleasure of working alongside her on various projects over the course of a couple years. Katie’s insights, constant positivity, and tactful ability to inspire colleagues is invaluable for effective campaign building. Katie is as fabulous a person as she is a collaborator and problem solver, and she would be an asset to business or team. 

Amanda Medlock, Senior Advocacy Associate for Global Health at World Vision

Katie’s expertise in shaping a solid advocacy platform, communication and political strategies, and ability to develop and foster long-lasting partnerships is second to none.

Jessica Hauffe, Communications and Advocacy Program Manager for Community Health Network of Washington